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Mamajoo Feeding / Storage Containers are made of BPA-free PP raw material and its’ semi transparent colour is your guarantee for healthy baby feeding. Breastmilk can be expressed into Mamajoo Feeding/Storage Containers can be stored in fridge or freezer by using Mamajoo Sealing Discs or otherwise you can feed your baby directly by replacing Mamajoo Sealing Discs with Mamajoo Bottle Teats without the need of transfering breastmilk into another bottle. You can write the storage date on sealing discs.

Mamajoo Feeding / Storage Containers are designed with wide neck to make it easier to fill and to clean. Wide base provides better balance, grab curves on the body of Mamajoo Feeding / Storage Containers encourage tiny hands to hold easily while it makes you to hold easier too. With the scale marks on containers, you can be sure how much you feed your baby.

While heating breastmilk or baby food, please remove sealing discs from the container to be sure that the wide neck is open.Being re-usable, they are much more eco-friendly and economic compare to disposable choices. Mamajoo Breastmilk/Baby Food Storage containers packs have 4 pieces 150 ml feeding/storage containers.

4x150 ml. Breastmilk/Baby Food Storage Containers





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