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Mamajoo Bottle Teats; made of transparent, odourless and tasteless high quality silicone, do not contain Bisphenol-A same as all Mamajoo Feeding Bottles and they are ideally soft for babies.

Mamajoo Bottle Teats have anti-colic valves at the skirt base to allow air into the bottle to supply continuous liquid flow so that no air goes to your baby’s tummy during feeding to help reduce “infant colic”.  The flexible helix that stretches as nipple during feeding and the soft top of Mamajoo wide bottle teat are designed to give your baby a feeling as close as possible to the natural breastfeeding.  These features enable you to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding easily so that you can feed your baby with breastmilk longer.

Mamajoo Bottle Teats support active feeding. The holes of the Mamajoo bottle teats are especially designed to increase the liquid flow as baby suckles, to support both baby’s suckling instinct development and spending an effort equal to the one spent during breastfeeding. Especially the smallest bottle teats (S) produced for the babies dominantly breast-fed during the newborn period, are designed to have a flow rate less than the standard bottle teats to prevent babies to get used to the ease of bottle feeding.

To choose and use the right bottle teat with the appropriate flow rate suitable to the baby’s development and needs is important because babies need more food and flow rate as they grow. Besides, babies should not be fed less than they need. Mamajoo bottle teats are marked to help you find the suitable months and the flow rate for your baby. Please note that, these marks are indicated approximately only to help you to choose as the need of each baby would differ. Mamajoo bottle teats come with four different flow rates, to suit different stages and needs of babies' development.

S - Slow Flow
M - Medium Flow
L - Fast Flow
XL - Faster Flow

Mamajoo Bottle Teats are packed in a storage container to provide another user friendly and economical product as well as finding an environment friendly packaging solution. The storage container used at the packaging of Mamajoo bottle teats can be sterilised by boiling or by using one of Mamajoo sterilizers and it is reusable to store teats hygienically.

Mamajoo bottle teats come 2 pieces in a pack and choices for different needs in different months can be purchased separately.




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