Feeding Bottles / Bottle Teats


  • 100% safe and reliable Mamajoo feeding bottles and teats are BPA free.
  • It is the air that babies swallow whilst bottle feeding that can cause colic.  The Anti- Colic valve system at bottles reduces the risk of air swallow to minimum. Mamajoo bottle teats have the air valves at the skirts to help prevent air swallowing during feeding to help prevent “infant colic”.  These air valves result that while the baby is fed with Mamajoo bottles and bottle teats, the air goes into the bottle and provides continuous liquid  flow by milk replacing the air.  
  • Wide neck of Mamajoo feeding bottles make it easier to fill and to clean, while its wide base provides better balance and prevents falling down easily.
  • The ergonomic hold & grab curves on the body of Mamajoo feeding bottles encourage your baby's learning skills and make it easier to hold both for mother and baby.
  • Transparent, odourless and tasteless silicone Mamajoo bottle teats are specially designed in "closest to nature'' shape to support baby's own sucking rhythm. Thus, today's mothers can combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding easily.
  • The flexible helix that stretches as nipple and the soft top on Mamajoo wide bottle teat is designed to give your baby a feeling as close as possible to the natural breastfeeding.
  • The leak-proof bottle dome cap is especially designed to seal Mamajoo bottle teats when not in use or travelling.
  • Mamajoo bottle teats come with four different flow rates, to suit different stages and needs of babies' development.
  • Mamajoo baby feeding bottles proved to be robust with remarkable results achieved from the toughest heat and impact tests conducted in the Japanese Test Laboratory.
  • The accurate measuring scale on Mamajoo baby feeding bottles assures you regarding the amount of how much your baby has been fed.
Safe, reliable and healthy Mamajoo Baby Feeding Bottle is the ideal feeding product next to the breastfeeding with both its ergonomic design and anti-colic valve system.

BPA-Free, safe reliable and healthy Mamajo baby
feeding bottle with bottle teat is the ideal feeding product
next to the breastfeeding with both it's ergonomic design
and anti-colic valve system.


Mamajoo Feeding Bottles available in 2 sizes; 250 ml (9oz) and 150 ml (4oz) with Mamajoo Bottle Teats with anti-colic valve system are patented in Turkey and in many countries around the world.

Mamajoo PES bottle produced at our ISO 9001 certified high technology manufacturing facilities meeting the latest EU standards is the first and the only  baby feeding bottle in Turkey awarded with  ‘’Product and Design’’ reward of the year 2012 by PAGEV.

*PAGEV – Turkish Plastics Industry Research & Development Foundation


PES Bottles PP Bottles
1x150 ml. Small Bottle

1X250 ml. Large Bottle
1x150 ml. Small Bottle
1X250 ml. Large Bottle
2X150 ml.Small Bottle

2X250 ml.Large Bottle

2X150 ml. Small Bottle
2X250 ml. Large Bottle





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