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Soothers are useful for babies as they satisfy their suckling instinct and calm them giving a peacefull feeling.  Within the first weeks after the birth, the strongest instinct of a baby is to suckle, soothers help them to ease their stress, relax and go to sleep easily. Rather than avoiding soothers, it is necessarry to have correct information and let babies use soothers correctly.   

It is recommended to use soothers especially during teething as otherwise babies may start sucking their finger or use bottles as if soothers. It takes years for children who are used to suck finger to stop it and this may cause gum and teeth problems whereas it is a lot easier to stop soothers. The most important point that parents should pay attention is not to consider soothers as the only way to calm a restless and nervous baby. It is necessary to approach tenderly to calm a crying baby first. To avoid babies being addicted to soothers, we recommend that you do not let them go on sleeping with soother in mouth but take the soother out of the mouth as soon as they fall asleep.

Mamajoo soothers comply with the latest EU quality and safety standards. The teats of Mamajoo soothers are produced from transparent, odourless and tasteless high quality silicone. The silicone teat that is easy to clean, smooth and ideally soft for babies also do not contain Bisphenol-A can be hazardous for babies’ health. The orthodontic form of the Mamajoo soother is designed in order to not to harm the natural development of babies gums and teeth while wide air holes on both sides of the soother shield are designed to prevent saliva build up and irritation of sensitive baby skin providing greater air flow.  Also the security ring handle on the soother is to enable to hold the soother to remove from mouth any time needed and to carry it.  With all these features you can choose Mamajoo soothers safely for your baby from the birth on.

Mamajoo soothers are available in 3 different sizes with different colour alternatives for babies from 0 to 18 months.

Shild air ventilation hole   Security ring handle

Orthodontic silicone teat
Mamajoo soothers are packed in a storage container to provide another user friendly and economical product as well as finding an environment friendly packaging solution. The storage container used at the packaging of Mamajoo soothers can be sterilised by boiling or by using one of Mamajoo sterilizers and it is reusable to store soothers hygienically.





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