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We are all aware of the unique benefits of breastmilk and its importance in baby nutrition. World Health Organisation (WHO) and Turkish Ministry of Health recommend breastmilk as the best nutrition during the first 6 months, followed by solid food supported with breastmilk.

Today’s mothers have to combine breastfeeding with their other responsibilities such as work and social activities. So mothers would like to go on feeding their babies with breastmilk even they can not be near their babies. Sometimes they wish other family members to get involved in feeding the baby. Thus, a comfortable and functional breast pump is the biggest help in baby nutrition of today’s mothers.

With 19 years of experience, we produced Mamajoo electrical and manual breast pump models in order to meet mothers’ expectations at the highest level. With Mamajoo breast pumps, you can express your milk comfortably and feed your baby directly without the need to transfer it into another bottle or otherwise store it in the fridge or the freezer. As a result, babies can go on taking advantages of breastmilk when mothers are not with them.

You can choose one of the Mamajoo sterilizers safely to sterilize your pump and components after each use. 


Mamajoo Suction Adjustable Electrical Breast Pump provides ultimate comfort, suction flexibility and ease of use to express breastmilk quickly and effortlessly. Mamajoo Suction Adjustable Electrical Breast Pump is just as affective as a hospital grade breast pump but also easily portable and can be battery operated when needed. The soft silicone comfort cushion of the pump makes it to feel gentle, natural and comfortable at the breast - almost as a baby suckling. Also, there are 5 necessary suction power rhythm choices available and there is no need to remove the breast pump away from breast to alter the suction rhythm.

Mamajoo Suction Adjustable Electrical Breast Pump starts with a gentle massage mode for 90 seconds with the silicone comfort cushion, than turns into suction mode to express breastmilk and after expressing for 28 minutes it turns off automatically. It allows you to set your unique pumping rhythm by pressing + / - buttons until a comfortable and preferred rhythm is reached. It is controlled by one button at your fingertips, you can easily change the speed and suction at anytime during expression

Suction Adjutable Electrical Breast Pump


Mamajoo Suction Adjustable Manual Breast Pump is made of BPA-free PP raw material. It is the most practical solution of milk expression with its comfortable suction power, ergonomic design, easy installation and ease of use. It enables to express milk into breastmilk container that is included in the pack which converts into a baby feeding bottle easily so that mothers can give breastmilk directly to babies without the need of transfering breastmilk into another bottle.  The most suitable suction power can be choosen by suction adjust knob on the pump body and can be increased or decreased as preferred. Thus, mothers can feed their baby with breastmilk longer.

Suction Adjutable Manual Breast Pump





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