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Welcome to Mamajoo; healthy and safe range of products designed to meet you and your baby’s feeding needs in the best way.

With our 19 years of experience in nursery sector, we know very well the excitement of expecting a baby and your wish to raise your tiny baby healthy and safely. In today’s rapidly changing world, parents need to take right decisions and choices due to these changes and needs. 

As an innovative and leading company in the Turkish baby care products market, Grup Baby has listened to the parents to understand their needs and has been on their side always. We fulfill a large and important gap in the nursery sector by producing the first and the only Bisphenol A-free (0% BPA) PES baby bottle and bottle teat with anti-colic valve system of Turkey as well as many other high quality baby feeding and nursery care products.

Whether you still expect or have your baby already, surely you will find exactly what you are looking for to raise your baby healthy among Mamajoo products.

For more information, watch product videos;
Mamajoo the new, the best bottles Suction Adjustable Electrical Breast Pump video